uPVC Products

Other Home and Building Products

In order to provide construction professionals and homeowners with a full range of products, we offer a selection beyond uPVC.

Aluminum Doors & Windows

Aluminum doors and windows have frames made of strong, lightweight metal and are versatile in many situations. They have a slim appearance, are durable, and don’t require much maintenance. A slim aluminum door or window frame accentuates the look of the glass and come in many colors and anodized finishes.

The water compromises the frame and hinge mechanisms. In the right application, however, aluminum is a good option to add variety to construction projects.

We provide fixed, turn, and sliding aluminum windows as well as aluminum hinge and sliding doors to meet your needs.

Steel Doors

Steel doors offer incredible protection in your home or business. They also give a sleek industrial feel in terms of design. A steel door will stand the test of time and safeguard your most prized possessions.

Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors offer protection of a different kind. Add a layer of fire prevention to any building project through the use of well placed fire rated doors.

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are wonderful solutions to high-traffic areas or for individuals living with a disability. They are also ideal for anyone who is rushed or tired of struggling through a tight space. In commercial environments, they are whisper quiet, useful to vendors and customers alike.

Aluminum Cladding

Aluminum cladding is another way to protect your home or commercial building from the elements. Adding an extra layer of aluminum over the exterior of a building prevents weather erosion and can enhance the aesthetic looks.

Curtain Walls

Curtain walls create definition in large spaces and are suitable for any non-load bearing wall. Curtain walls are constructed of aluminum frames with glass, stone, or metal panels between them for additional rigidity.


Skylights provide a window to the beautiful outside view without taking up wall space. They may reduce your energy bill by using the natural resource of sunlight to brighten up homes and offices.